Forex Trading Course

Have you ever wondered why all the so-called “forex gurus” charge you hundreds and even thousands of dollars to teach you forex?

If their methods are so awesome, why do they still need to earn money through teaching when they could just be earning their money through trading?

I guess the saying is true:

Those who cannot do, teach.

Here is how we are different. We teach because we want to. It is our passion to share what we know with the world. And we are tired and sad of seeing people getting excited about forex trading and getting burned because they get information from all the self-interest forex teachers.

So this is what we are offering:

A 100% free forex trading course.


Here is what you will get from the course:

  • Have a full understanding of how the Forex Market operates
  • Tell the difference between Base & Quoted currencies
  • Understand what short selling is and the mechanics behind it
  • Understand what leverage is and how it affects your trading
  • Know Forex terminology like Ask, Bid, Spread, Equity, etc.
  • Tell the difference between a Pip and a Point
  • Use all types of orders: Buy / Sell / Buystop / Sellstop / Buylimit / Selllimit
  • You will learn the three types of Forex Analysis: Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment
  • Be able to read the calendar of economic events
  • By the end of this course you will have a substantial arsenal of technical analysis techniques
  • You will learn how to install and use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform
  • You will know the basics of calculating and managing risks when trading Forex

However, we do not believe in charging money for information such as this. We are doing this purely out of passion.

So please, leave your money and credit card at home. You will not be needing them.


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