Home News Ever wondered how much the Queen of England’s net worth is?

Ever wondered how much the Queen of England’s net worth is?

It’s hard to measure precisely because some of her assets are privately held and some are part of the Crown Estate, which is not directly controlled by the monarch. The Sunday Times Rich List estimated Elizabeth’s fortune at 360 million pounds ($472 million) based on an analysis of her private holdings, her stock portfolio, money inherited from her late mother, and income from the Crown Estate, a percentage of which is used to generate revenue for her expenses. This analysis doesn’t include the rising value of the Crown Estate itself, which is in the billions, because she does not control its investments. This net worth figure would make her the 329th richest person in Britain, far from the top in a list headed by multi-billionaires.

Elizabeth voluntarily agreed to start paying taxes in 1992 after she was harshly criticized in the tabloid press for her continuing tax exemption. The decision to change her tax status was announced in Parliament by Prime Minister John Major and was praised by politicians of both major parties. British monarchs had not always lived tax free — Queen Victoria paid income tax when it was introduced in 1842, but royals gradually received exemptions.

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